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Thread: 500gb-1tb?

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    Default 500gb-1tb?

    Hi want to sign up wondering if 500gb would be acceptable for your middle tier plan, this is mostly due to client's needing work online but the traffic would not be huge minus a couple of days where the client would download a job 4-10gb but that would be about 1-3 times a month then the work usually is deleted however, some clients I need to keep up for a few months. Just on the outside would 1tb be ok this would be due to me traveling and having a job or two online in case my drives get lost or stolen for a couple of weeks then as above they would be deleted.

    I currently have 250gb online with my host and they don't seem to have an issue and I've never been asked to leave a host (godaddy, hostmonster, and few other larger companies).

    Thanks David interested in signing up tomorrow. I do corporate photography and video projects.

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    Yes, it sounds like the middle tier dedicated hosting plan here would suit your needs without issues for what you are looking for:

    If you have any specific questions or need a custom hardware quote and pricing do not hesitate to contact our
    sales department here:
    Jeff Simpson
    Technical Support

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