I was recommended by a friend and he sent me 3 VPS companies

1/ http://forumweb.hosting/13425-host-color-ssd-vps-1-cpu-core-1024-mb-ram-10-gb-ssd-storage-15-mo.html

2/ http://forumweb.hosting/13667-limited-30-off-or-x2-storage-vps-3-5ghz-cpu-ssd-200mbps-bandwidth-500gbps-ddos-protection.html

3/ http://forumweb.hosting/14016-uk-vps-60-off-recurring-discount-kvm-vps-windows-and-linux-starting-4-80-mo.html
but i don't know which one is better, my budget is $35 / month, I want to upgrade my shared hosting to a new VPS for my sites. My sites are Wordpress sites with 600 visitors/ day

Can any one tell me from the list above, which VPS is better?

Please advise me!